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Our Mission Statement

To maintain the Centre to the highest possible standard, ensuring it is viable and sustainable and suitable for use by everyone in the local community.

To encourage and support the widest range of use by people of any age, race, sex, religion, politics or with impairment - but with consideration given to neighbouring residents.

The air of Owlsmoor Community Centre is to be a valuable asset to the community; used according to the wishes and needs of all residents

Our History

The centre was built originally with the thought of a community licenced place and a bar in the lounge with a main hall, all the facilities of a pub with a bar opened for the general public as Owlsmoor did not have a pub, Sandhurst had four or five College town two and there was no pub in Owlsmoor ( how things have changed in regarding pubs). The Centre carried on but about twelve years ago it was losing money and the committee consisted of only a few bodies, Dave Worrall ( who is still a valued supporter of the community centre committee ) Trish Bennett and Hazel Ellard helped tremendously to put together the centre which became the New Owlsmoor Centre, there was a lot of work involved a general meeting was held on 4th August 1999 in the main hall and the question was if we wanted the community centre to continue a new committee would need to be formed. Reg Oldfield became treasurer and put a lot of his time into getting the centre to what it is today and together with Lorna Timms they became trustees.
Money was given to the centre from BFC to change it into a community centre rather than a pub.  At the time there was only about eight groups using the centre. Since those days the community centre has fluorished



Our Committe Management Members

Melissa Timms


Jenny Franklin


Our committee focus on certain organisational areas within Owlsmoor Community Centre. Find out more about the areas in which the committees are active. Maybe you would like to get involved in one of them!

If you have any feedback on any of the facilities within the centre or if you have noticed something that is either missing or damaged please let us know and we can put it right for the other users of the centre,


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